About us


Sunanda Mesquita is a visual artist, curator, and co-founder of  WE DEY x SPACE – a self-organised art space. In their artistic practice they focus on possibilities of a radical, utopian, queer, feminist collectivity of Black and People of Color and the topics of community, solidarity, and belonging. decolonialkilljoy.com

Amoako Boafo is a visual artist based in Accra and Vienna. Amongst other exhibitions and projects prior to and during his time in Vienna, Amoako Boafo is founding member of the project WE DEY which was awarded with the kültür gemma! stipendium in 2014. amoakoboafo.com

Jaqueline Ejiji is historian. During her studies she focused on the examination of representation and constructs of differences f.e. the categories of race, class and gender. Currently she concentrates on social, political and economic conditions in the field of art and cultural production. She is founding member of WE DEY x SPACE.

Abiona Esther Ojo is a photographer and visual artist based in Vienna. In her artistic work she focuses on topics around identity and representation. She graduated at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna in 2020. Esther contributes as In House Photographer at WE DEY and was involved in the organisation of monthly Self Care Sundays (2017-2019) at WE DEY x Space.

Sushila Mesquita is teaching queer-feminist-postcolonial theories at various universities. They are interested in radical teaching and learning practices, QTBPoC community building, and configurations of belonging. They have been supporting WE DEY since the beginning.