We want to warmly invite you to IS ID ALL  – VOIDS, the final presentation of the Kültür Gemma projects of Nicole Alecu de Flers and Belinda Kazeem- Kamiński. In conversation with Janine Jembere, we will be sharing about our research projects and artistic strategies of dealing with text.
When: 4th of December, 2017 starting from 7 pm
Where: We Dey x Space, Kandlgasse 24, 1070 Wien
There will be food and drinks, donations go to We Dey x Space.

IS ID ALL Nicole Alecu de Flers

(Written) text has a powerful influence on public perception and reception, as it can make certain positions visible and others invisible. Especially printed and published texts are considered to be important conveyors of knowledge. However, this narrating and sharing of knowledge often happens at the expense of positions that are outside the norm, especially with regard to race, gender and sexuality. In order to challenge these in/visibilities, this presentation is based on a broader notion of what text/language is and how it works that goes beyond a narrowly defined textual, literal level. By working with text and language visually and by using strategies from the field of conceptual art, I present new possibilities to shift and shape in/visibilities.
Nicole Alecu de Flers is a political scientist (PhD), founder and director of the publishing house Zaglossus, interdisciplinary artist and university lecturer focusing on Queer, Gender and Postcolonial Studies.
VOIDS Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński
In the tension between white, male knowledge production, the non-existence of direct sources and the recurring feeling of flashbacks, as a memory of something, that one hasn’t experienced, but that haunts and keeps on coming back, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński deals with the (in-)visibility of Black history in Austria. How to deal with the voids in the archive? How to think about Blackness in a country, where the majority of the population would state, that there is no colonial heritage? In her presentation, the artist tries to negotiate ways of dealing with the voids in the archive and the flashbacks in the everyday. Beyond wishes for a smoothing of and the longing for resistance stories, artistic strategies of dealing with archival material will be discussed, as a way to come to terms with what is under the surface – invisible to many, impossible to shake off for others.
Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński is a writer and artist living in Vienna/Austria. Grounded in Black feminist theory, she is interested in memory, trauma and Black radical imagination.

‘Detoxing Masculinity’

22nd June – 8th July 2017
WE DEY x space

‘Detoxing Masculinity’ presents the latest self-portrait series of Amoako Boafo in a solo exhibition. The artist presents works that continue the explorations and engagement with personal narratives in relation to collective histories, as well as materiality, and process. The large-scale oil paintings underline Amoako Boafo’s multifaceted references from the fields of literature, iconography and traditional painting, inspired by his personal quest to free himself from society‘s norms and limitations.

In Detoxing Masculinity the artists reflects on his religious upbringing, toxic notions of masculinity and his transformation to self-validation and becoming. While disrupting the white gaze onto his naked Black body with non-stereotypical representations of Black masculinity, the series can be read as journey, longing for self-love and self-care. Black self-love is revolutionary in a world, which still sees the Black male body as something to be consumed, to be hyper-sexualized and at the same time something to be afraid of.

Sunanda Mesquita
curator/co-founder of WE DEY

WE DEY x space is a self – organised art space in Vienna dedicated to amplify the art and culture production of Queer/Trans*/Inter/Black People/People of Color. WE DEY aims to centre marginalised voices, perspectives, knowledge(s) and experiences from different Diasporas. WE DEY x space hosts exhibitions, workshops, kitchen table talks and film screenings around the topics of decolonial art production, community, self-care and empowerment.