These challenging times give us even more reasons to practice individual and collective selfcare and thats why we put together a list of our favourite healers & body workers & practitioners- we do not own the rights for the videos/content, we are simply re-sharing. WE DEY will take some time off organising events until the end of the year and will come back with a programme for 2021, until then all groups/organisers who are using WE DEY x SPACE will be deciding themselves if they want to offer their meetings! Please check in with them to find out about the current Covid19 guidelines 🙌🏾 We hope you all are safe and looking after yourself and each other ❤


BPoC Meditation/Breath work Youtube Playlist put together by WE DEY

Guided Body Scan Meditation with Alli Simon   (9 min) 

Somatic Meditations by Tai 

Evan ifekoya- Healing Exercises for Limitless Potential (H.E.L.P) 

Noah Sow- Schlaf Yoga Yoga Nidra by Noah Sow (deutsch) 

Guided Meditation for Self-Love and Compassion with Alli Simon (10 min) 

Calming During Crisis & Connecting to Your Center (12 mins)​ by Brialle Ringer

7 min Guided Meditation for Mindful Breathing with Alli Simon (7 min) 

Reimagining Justice: Visualization Meditation (25 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Body Scan Somatic Meditation (20 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Meditation for Liberation (8 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Let the Earth hold you by Lama Rod Owens (15min)


BPoC Yoga Youtube Playlist for beginners put together by WE DEY
20 Black Yoga Teachers with Online Classes in 2020 Yoga is dead Podcast

We want to thank all of these amazing BIPoCs who generously share their knowledge with us!