Teju Adisa-Farrar is a writer/poet/performance artist and urban geographer. Her interdisciplinary work is produced from the research she does on geographies of Blackness, queering Blackness, transnational activism, city culture initiated and experienced by people of African descent and other post-colonial communities. Teju integrates socio-historical writing, poetry, movement, community collaboration and subjectivity to explore the realities of Blackness and post-capitalist futures in Euro-North American urban contexts.

She will offer two workshops in the X Space. And do a performance plus Q+A at the Closing Reception on thursday night.


Workshop 1 [July 10th, 4pm]: [Black] Womyn on Happiness and Hedonism
Open to persons who identify as womyn of African descent and/or as Black womyn

While there are often discussions of Black/African womyn being strong and resilient and/or sexual beings for consumption, we do not often talk about what brings us joy, what makes us happy, and how we find pleasure in the places that we inhabit. How do we understand and express our many layered selves through reflecting on happiness and hedonism in all the geographies we are apart of?

Workshop 2 [July 11th, 4pm] : Transnational Diaspora Affirmations
Open to persons of who identify as being part of a postcolonial diaspora and/or persons of color.

“Transnational Diaspora Affirmations” is a project that asks artists and activists from the diaspora for affirmations they have for their comrades in other parts of the world. It is a way to say we see you, while at the same time decentralize American-centrism and Eurocentrism to create a transnational diasporic perspective of mutual resistance and transnational solidarity in the diaspora

Closing Reception [12 July, 6pm] TBD
Open to everyone
Reading and Presentation from Teju Adisa-Farrar about her work and her future projects. Afterward her performance we can have a discussion and do Q&A.
Finally we can have some drinks and listen to music and relax!