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  • Future of WE DEY x SPACE- the last month

Most of you know already that by the end of April 2019 the lease for WE DEY x SPACE at Kandlgasse 24 will expire. It is hard for us to see WE DEY x SPACE (in this form) coming to an end, but there is so much to still see and experience! Lets celebrate together the last two months of WE DEY x SPACE as we know it!!

The last two years have been amazing and I am extremely thankful for all the people I met and so many things that I learned during the process. But it also meant a lot of work that I and the WE DEY collective would not be able to continue in this precarious situation. Out of all the public funding we applied for, we only received a single one (!) covering about 10% of our actual costs. We were able to pay rent because of generous donations from family, friends and community members. But all the time, love and thought that went into the Open Call, programming, administration and running of the space went unpaid which we cannot keep it up any longer. We tried to find ways of anti-capitalist organising so that we could balance the fact that we only have little funding for travel and production costs that goes to the invited artists and organisers with love and care of hosting them at the queer housing project of TürkisRosaLilaVilla. We want to create safer spaces for the artists in residence and are grateful for all the local and international QTI/BIPoCs that still participate without getting paid.

Even after the end of x SPACE, WE DEY will continue to focus on questions of how can we create spaces for art and knowledge production while at the same time survive the capitalist white supremacist reality in Vienna? How can we create safer spaces for QTI/BIPoC`s and share knowledge and utopian ideas?

  • Programm until end of lease April 2019

Let’s enjoy the time we have left and come together for a group exhibition WE DEY x SALON curated by Esther Ojo and Janine Jembere, solo shows by Pêdra Costa & Jota Mombaça, workshops and empowerment sessions by Maisha Auma, Paola Bacchetta and Fatima El-Tayeb, a tattoo residency by Tattoo it Louder, a Body. Love. Movement! BIPoC Dance Workshop by Mzamo Nondlwana and a healing circle by Tobi Adebajo. Of course our ongoing projects such as our bi-weekly BIPoC Yin Yoga class by Geneviève, weekly BIPoC/Queer Barber Pop Up and Pilates Class by Betül, our last two Self Care Sundays for and by Black/Brown/Indigenous/of Color Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes and BIPOC Mental Health Circle with Parissima will also continue until we have to leave x SPACE.

On the 30th of April we will say goodbye to our beloved X SPACE with a closing party with live performances by XANA and many more!

Current Program:

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WE DEY: Annual Program 2018/19

In the beginning of 2018 WE DEY X SPACE announced its first Open Call for projects. We invited Black artists and artists of Color to apply with proposals for exhibitions, events, workshops, kitchen table talks and film screenings around the topics of decolonial art and knowledge production, community, self-care and empowerment.

We were overwhelmed by the amount and quality of proposals we received from all over the world, projects that center Queer/Trans*/Inter/Black People/People of Color and focus on utopian notions of community, belonging, healing and body politics. We thank all the artists & collectives who put so much time and thought into their proposals! Thank you all for affirming our vision on how important it is to self-organise and to continue creating a space for art and knowledge production by Queer/Trans*/Inter/Black People/People of Color.

We are looking forward to what is coming up until May 2019 (when the lease for WE DEY x space will expire): exhibitions by Nicole Suzuki, WE DEY kültür gemma! fellow Lydia Nsiah, NueNua AKA Ama Josephine Budge, Rudy Loewe, HAIR (Esther Ojo & Terisha Harris), Pêdra Costa& Jota Mombaça and @decolonial_killjoy, workshops and empowerment sessions by Noah Sow, Maisha Auma, Paola Bacchetta and Fatima El-Tayeb, filmscreenings curated by Nine Yamamoto, healing circle by Liaam Iman and of course our ongoing projects. Keep yourself posted on our website: WE-DEY.IN and on Facebook & Instagram.

We would like to thank the WE DEY collective for all their unrelentless effort, time, energy, love and care! Thanks to Jaqueline Ejiji, Esther Abiona Ojo, Janine Jembere, Nicole Suzuki, Amoako Boafo, and all of you who supported us within the past year and who continue to do so in the years to come! Despite the fact that we did receive hardly any public funding we managed to continue the fight for self-determined spaces for BPoC’s in Vienna because of all of you!


Sunanda Mesquita & Sushila Mesquita for WE DEY

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What you can do to support WE DEY:
* Financial support to pay our rent and bills, production costs for exhibitions, transport costs for artists & artist residencies, our publications,…

* Help us find a new space! As our lease will expire in May 2019, we are looking for new affordable spaces to continue our project

* Donate material to our Archive! Our longterm vision is to create an WE DEY Archive containing herstories of BPoC resistance in Vienna through community engagement and decolonial queer feminist approaches to archiving.