WE DEY happy to announce “BIPoC Healing Workshop: Orixá Vibrations in Crystal Energy” for and by Black/Indigenous/People of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes with Priscila Nogueira and Graziele Nogueira !

The idea of the Workshop is to give people knowledge on how to use crystals for protection, self-healing, connecting with the ancestors and creating balance as well using crystals to channel the vibration of the Orixas.
(max 12 people) so plz register!

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The workshop starts with an introduction about our relation with Spirituality and Religions of African and Indigenous origin followed by a meditation/grounding exercise.

In the workshop we will want to cover:
– Quick introduction about crystals, types of crystal and its origins;
– Information on the 7 types of Crystals we are gonna be working with in this workshop and it’s correlation with the Orixas as well as the chakras (tho chakras are not the main focus) ;
– Some uses of Crystals on healing and protection;
– How to properly store, clean and energise your crystal;
– The importance of the Crystal Elixir and its preparation;

crystalhealing workshop
There is gonna be an Altar and we invite folks to bring fruits, flowers as well as amulets and other personal items to place on the altar and bring back home after.
We ask people to bring a small candle that will be lighten in the beginning of the workshop as well as crystals if they feel like it.

We ask the participants to write in a piece of paper by the beginning of the workshop they names and date of birth and how they would like to feel by the end of the day or weekend/what they would like to bring from this workshop with day and place by the candle (they don’t have to share with no one, of course). At the end we will serve Crystal Elixir to everyone.

♥ No one turned away for lack of funds ♥
We suggest a donation between 10- 40 Euro for the workshop

♥ There is a limited amount of 1:1 healing sessions, to find out more send us an email to we.dey.in(at)gmail.com and/or come to the workshop to find out more! ♥

Through our ancestors we had injected into our familiar and cultural environment, the use of elements from both mineral and plant kingdom as allies on or every day basic care, protection, cleansing, and energy nourishment.

GRAZIELE Screenshot_20191128_010930is an M.sc. in Soil Geography and Earth Surface Dynamics with focusing on natural environments by the Ponticia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais and Universitè de Lille. She is an active student of the “Egregora Cria Ti na Luz” which works with spirituality in African traditions and Indigenous American beliefs as practiced in the 7 lines of Umbanda (Sete Linhas de Umbanda), where she was recently trained in Shamanic Reiki. She has training in the use of crystals and natural elements as tools for healing.





PRISCILA is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly with illustration and translation of poetry.

They have experience translating in both writing media and simultaneous translation in political and community events as well as all-around free support and translation for the Portuguese and Criollo speaking refugee community in Germany. They are an yawo initiated in the practice of candomblé and have been training on the use of crystals, plants, and acupressure in self-healing and enjoys playing the tarot.

Priscila is trans, non-binary and has ASD.

Graziele and Priscila are part of the African and Indigenous Diaspora, queer siblings based in Berlin.

♥ To our invitation policy:
This events is specifically for Black/Brown/Indigenous/of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes! Please don’t assume anyone’s gender identity or pronouns – ask everyone for their preferred pronouns.
We aim to create a space of support for and by queer women/non-binary/trans/inter/femmes. Cis Men (means men who were assigned male at birth and identify with it) and white people are not invited to this session.

♥ X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!
The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.