WE DEY happy to host Gendai Reiki Berlin for a Reiki MEETING on the 24 March 2020 from 17:00-20:30 for and by Black/Indigenous/People of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes with Ikue Maekawa!

The idea of the meeting is to give people knowledge about Reiki- a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

This meeting is for BIPoCs of all levels, who are already trained in Reiki and for those who want to know more about it!


This is a Reiki meeting not a workshop or training for max 12 people plz register via fb or we.dey.in (at) gmail.com!

Ikue will tell us about the healing benefits of Reiki and open a space for Reiki practitioners to get to know each other.

We will start with light body movement and Ikue will offer you Reiju to cultivate a Reiki pipe for Reiki practitioners and to open a Reiki pipe temporary for non practitioner. We will initiate a Reiki Circle/Reiki Marathon a group Reiki hand healing practice which provides Reiki all participators at the same time.

You will see and feel how Reiki energy supports making your life lively and vibrant.

♥ No one turned away for lack of funds ♥
We suggest a donation of 15 Euro for the meeting

♥ There is a limited amount of 1:1 Reiki healing sessions on monday 23rd & tuesday 24th before the meeting, to find out more send us an email to we.dey.in(at)gmail.com

Ikue Maekawa (she/her) is a Japanese Gendai Reiki Teacher based in Berlin, has a mother from Shinto (Japanese specific religion) priest family, came from the same area with Mikao Usui was born. And still her family is living in that sacred rich-nature area. Through 2 years world wild-travel as a seeker she met Reiki, the most effective and simple method to get back the connection with universe. After her first Reiki study with Western teacher, in 2011 miraculously she met Hiroshi Doi, Gendai Reiki founder and be certified as Master in Denmark. In 2015 she took a part of Gendai Reiki International Gathering in Spain as an interpreter for Hiroshi Doi and still now following and studying his teachings actively to share Reiki traditional doctrine in the West. Her activity supports you to discover and become a creator of your own life!

♥ To our invitation policy:
This events is specifically for Black/Brown/Indigenous/of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes! Please don’t assume anyone’s gender identity or pronouns – ask everyone for their preferred pronouns.
We aim to create a space of support for and by queer women/non-binary/trans/inter/femmes. Cis Men (means men who were assigned male at birth and identify with it) and white people are not invited to this session.

♥ X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!
The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.

Image by Gendai Reiki Berlin