After a short break we are finally sharing pictures from our WE DEY eXit party on the 30th of April  ❤


Thanks to everyone who came through! it was so great to see all of our events and all the people who were part of our journey over the last 2 years spread all around the walls of X space! an evening full of hugs, words of care, gratitude and love 🙌🏾 thanks to everybody who co-organised, participated in the exhibitions and events that happened at #wedeyxspace thanks to everyone who helped us through out this beautiful journey-

thanks to XANA who came all the way from London and Vienna based Mzamo of Bicha Boo Collective for playing the tunes that moved our bodies all night ❤
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mzamo movement wsMzamo Jama Nondlwana’s last movement workshop at WE DEY x SPACE ♥ ♥ ♥
Write us an email, if you want to attend: ♥

This a space centering queer/ trans*/inter/non-binary people but all BIPoCs are welcome!

This is a workshop class where we use movement to explore different possibilities and challenge our limitation through physicality and imagination. We will explore elements such as the voice, theatricality, movement and emotions as empowering tools. Let us take a moment to meet, to free the body of its own limitation. Let us go through a journey to discover new hidden gems using our bodies. Open all your senses, discover how the smell changes, how your vision elevates your fantasy, how dense the taste of your thoughts is. This is an experiment. There are no mistakes but only ‘what ifs’.

limited spaces available so please sign up via our email adress!

Most of you know already that by the end of April 2019 the lease for WE DEY x space at Kandlgasse 24 will expire. It is hard for us to see WE DEY x SPACE (in this form) coming to an end, but it’s a great opportunity to look back at all the amazing events that happened in WE DEY x SPACE since its opening in May 2017! Lets come together for this last month- we have a great program ♥

* Body. Love. Movement! BIPoC Dance Workshop by Mzamo Nondlwana: 20th of April 13.30-17.00

* BPOC WE DEY move event: 27th of April 19.00-22.00

* WE DEY eXit SPACE PARTY: 30th of April 18.00-?

Our closing party with live performances by XANA (UK) and many more – we will celebrate all that has been in the last 2 years and look forward to everything that will come up next!

* BIPOC Mental Health Circle with Wir sind auch Wien
* Weekly BIPoC Queer Barber Pop Up with Nimmersatt Su
* Pilates Class by Betül Seyma Küpeli
* Bi-weekly BPoC Yin Yoga with Gigi Mayala

Hope to see you all ♥

Last 2 BPoC Self Care Day for Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes at WE DEY x SPACE ♥
selfcareday fb event pic
* Sonntag, 24. März 2019; 15:00 – 18:00
Self Care Sunday x Healing Session with Tobi Nicole Adebajo

Collective healing is a language of conversation that is infinite and urgent. When black and brown folx come together with honest intentions, for whatever reason/s – the results can be beautiful and transformative. This is why we invite you to Self-care Sunday – because caring for the self does not have to mean isolation.
Spiritual and emotional health is not enough a part of our daily considerations as it should be – especially as BiPOC – This space aims to unpack this. Serving as a preparatory time that can help us consider the many ways we can make our spiritual practices symbiotic with our ever evolving lives.

Formulating answers to questions such as what does blessings mean to each of us? and how we can manifest that through our varying routines?
We will gather with the clear intention of creating practical, useful, decolonial and ancestrally rooted approaches to guide us on our journey/s towards healing & existing intentionally.

You are invited to bring along with you (optionally) a piece of writing that you would like to share in a safe space with like minded folx, a white item, some shells, an item that holds a lot of meaning to / for you

Writing materials will be provided – although it is welcomed and perfectly understandable if you already have your individual journals/books for ritualistic introspection.

About the facilitator:
Tobi Nicole Adebajo is a community-focused Queer, Non- Binary Activist, Educator, Hair Stylist, Parent, Poet, Performer, Singer, Writer & Yoruba Spiritual Practitioner who works with prowess – centring their work on the depths and nuances of topics such as queer love, politics, g(end)er & Yoruba culture.
They’ve performed and shared works and projects in various venues around Nigeria & Europe, continuing to create pieces that resonate with many.


To our invitation policy:
These events are specifically for Black/Brown/of Color Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes! Please don’t assume anyones gender identity or pronouns – ask everyone for their preferred pronouns.

Cis Men (means men who were assigned male at birth and identify with it) and white people are not invited to our BPoC SelfCare Sundays.
♥ If you want to support WE DEY, please do that by supporting us financially and coming to events which are open to the public ♥

X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!
The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.