We are happy to announce “A healing circle for daily connections” for and by Black/Indigenous/People of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes with Liaam Iman

Saturday, 7 December 2019

13:00-13:30 Arrival, greet & meet
13:30-17:00 Workshop in Session

♥ Healing Workshop (max 12 people) plz register by sending us an email to we.dey.in (at)gmail.com!

Liaam would like to open up a space focusing on presence and connection* and what they mean to us in our specific realities and processes. This workshop seeks to address connecting*
as a daily practice.
– What can help us be present and remain connected to ourselves, others, and our daily lives?
– How can we stay rooted to our backgrounds/cultural
– How can we remain rooted in moments of crisis/struggle? How can we find confidence/acceptance/strength in what we simply are?
– How can we find deeper access to what brings us enjoyment/love/peace/rest/fulfilment?

Through breathing and energy healing practices, voice and touch we will seek to open a circle to focus on what we need to help us find individual and collective tools to enhance our daily practices, build new connections or strengthen ones already in place. The workshop aims to facilitate a space where everyone can feel at ease, most importantly follow their own needs and boundaries. All practices shared during the workshop are suggestions, aiming to make time and space for what currently questions us rather than bring already preset answers.

♥ No one turned away for lack of funds ♥
We suggest a donation between 8- 25 Euro for the workshop

♥ About Liaam
My name is Liaam Iman ((They / Them) I am a self-taught singer, percussionist and artist from Algerian decent. My practices evolve around music, dance, sound, deep listening* and energy
healing. I have been practicing energy healing for 3 years now, one year following the Gendai Reiki-Ho energy healing technics. I feel rooted in this last practice which helps me enhance
my balance, deeper connexions to myself, others and my surroundings.

♥ There is a limited amount of 1:1 healing sessions with Liaam, to find out more send an email to liaamiman@gmail.com and come to the workshop if you can!

♥ To our invitation policy:
This events is specifically for queer Black/Brown/Indigenous/of Color Women/Non-Binary/Trans/Inter/Femmes! Please don’t assume anyone’s gender identity or pronouns – ask everyone for their preferred pronouns.
We aim to create a space of support for and by queer women/non-binary/trans/inter/femmes. Cis Men (means men who were assigned male at birth and identify with it) and white people are not invited to this session.

♥ X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!
The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.

As you might know, the contract for x SPACE was extended for three more years in the very last moment! To keep x SPACE going we need your support!

update xspace

Taking the time to reflect on everything that has been formed in the last two years, we are planning to come back with new and adjusted offerings after a short break, in winter 2019/2020. Because organising x space has brought us a lot of joy, but also brought us close to burning out – we want to shift our focus towards individual and collective self-preservation and wellbeing.

Over the course of the last two years we facilitated and hosted over 50 events that centered Queer/Trans/Inter/Non-Binary/Femmes Black/Indigenous/People of Color!

We received a small percentage of the public funding that we applied for and it was spend entirely to keep the space running, to pay travel expenses, production costs and small fees for artists & guests who took part in the events, exhibitions, residencies.

Future x SPACE/WE DEY: 

We are so grateful for all the amazing events that happened in the last 2 years, for all of you who shared your love and knowledge with us! We decided to continue x space but we will shift from public events towards smaller and more intimate sessions.

After the break x SPACE will continue to host monthly Trans*screenings and weekly Pilates Classes by Shayma and much more. 

WE DEY will continue to focus it`s work on BIPoC queer/trans/inter/non-binary/women/femmes in the form of WE DEY x SPACE – shared studio spaces, events, barber pop-ups, and collaborations such as the WE DEY healing in residency.

WE DEY x SPACE will deepen the focus on individual and collective healing for BIPoCs and in order to do so we are in need of your financial support to be able to organise, host and invite local and international QTI/BIPoC healers, body practitioners and teachers!

SUPPORTwe dey banner

How to support WE DEY x SPACE:

  • HELP US PAY OUT RENT- support us financially via monthly peer support. contact us via we.dey.in@gmail.com for more information and our bank details. 


 Thank you!