These challenging times give us even more reasons to practice individual and collective selfcare and thats why we put together a list of our favourite healers & body workers & practitioners- we do not own the rights for the videos/content, we are simply re-sharing. WE DEY will take some time off organising events until the end of the year and will come back with a programme for 2021, until then all groups/organisers who are using WE DEY x SPACE will be deciding themselves if they want to offer their meetings! Please check in with them to find out about the current Covid19 guidelines 🙌🏾 We hope you all are safe and looking after yourself and each other ❤


BPoC Meditation/Breath work Youtube Playlist put together by WE DEY

Guided Body Scan Meditation with Alli Simon   (9 min) 

Somatic Meditations by Tai 

Evan ifekoya- Healing Exercises for Limitless Potential (H.E.L.P) 

Noah Sow- Schlaf Yoga Yoga Nidra by Noah Sow (deutsch) 

Guided Meditation for Self-Love and Compassion with Alli Simon (10 min) 

Calming During Crisis & Connecting to Your Center (12 mins)​ by Brialle Ringer

7 min Guided Meditation for Mindful Breathing with Alli Simon (7 min) 

Reimagining Justice: Visualization Meditation (25 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Body Scan Somatic Meditation (20 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Meditation for Liberation (8 mins) by Brialle Ringer

Let the Earth hold you by Lama Rod Owens (15min)


BPoC Yoga Youtube Playlist for beginners put together by WE DEY
20 Black Yoga Teachers with Online Classes in 2020 Yoga is dead Podcast

We want to thank all of these amazing BIPoCs who generously share their knowledge with us!

This BIPoC Self Care Day for Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes is in focus of “Mental Health and WellBeing as BIPoC in Vienna” and is hosted by Parissima and WE DEY!

♥ About the session on the 13th of January:

3pm: arriving, getting to know each other

4pm: doors close for session

!! ♥♥Please send an email if you are planning to take part- drop ins are also welcome but its easier for us to prepare if we know how many want to come for sure!

!! ♥♥please be here before 4pm as we will start the session at 4pm sharp

♥ We begin the get-to-gether at the SelfCare Day on the 13th of January with focus on mental health for BIPoC in Vienna. In terms of gender/sexual orientation/etc. we will follow the invitation policy of the SelfCare Day, however the focus will be on racial identity rather than sexual identity (even though we are well aware all forms of identity are interlinked). We plan to sit in a trusting circle with you all and have a conversation about the general feeling of racial identity and inclusion in Vienna as a BIPoC, but also about access to the local mental health sector – what may be missing, what would help us find what we need, who would we go to, to feel understood, etc. We would like to discuss possible futures together!

Possibile futures: Do-it-together format

Depending on the ideas and needs of the group that are discussed during the selfcare day, one possibility would be to organise continuous (perhaps every 2 weeks) group sessions for a group of BIPoC (perhaps 6-10 people per group, that remain the same for a semester for

example) to provide a safe space to discuss mental health topics for PoC, reflect

together, exchange experiences, feel supported, and promote ideas of self love and

care. Or singular events focusing on specific topics such as f.e. depression, anxiety, self care, experiences of racialisation, social media overflow, preparation for the (family) holidays etc.

These events can be offered in german and/or english

♥ About Parissima:

I’m a social scientist with a focused on cultural, racial, physical, political and sexual identity in our life. I studied my BA in Social Anthropology at SOAS, did my MA in Psychoanalytic Studies at the TavistockClinic (both in London), and am now doing my MSc in Clinical Psychology at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna.

My attention to mental stability and the promotion of self love has been present in my training on a theoretic level and within myself on a personal level. My content is a mixture of my professional training from an anthropological and psychological perspective, as well as my own experiences as a mixed race, Austrian PoC trying to bathe myself in self generosity to counteract anxiety and past panic attacks.

This BIPoC Self Care Day for Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes is in focus of “Mental Health and WellBeing as BIPoC in Vienna” and is realised as part of the WE DEY Open Call for proposals.


We aim to create a space of support for and by women*/non-binary/trans*/inter/femmes. A space to connect to each other, to get to know each other better, to work on alliances and future projects. A space that allows us to think and voice our needs and wishes/visions.♥


To our invitation policy:

These events are specifically for Black/Brown/of Color Women*/Non-Binary/Trans*/Inter/Femmes! Please don’t assume anyones gender identity or pronouns – ask everyone for their preferred pronouns.

Cis Men (means men who were assigned male at birth and identify with it) and white people are not invited to our BPoC SelfCare Sundays.

♥ If you want to support WE DEY, please do that by supporting us financially and coming to events which are open to the public ♥

X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!

The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.