WE DEY is an online platform for contemporary arts. WE DEY means “we are” in pidgin – an appropriation of the colonial language English which is spoken in former British colonies such as Ghana, Nigeria and by the West African diaspora both on the continent and living abroad.
The artists Sunanda Mesquita and Amoako Boafo aim to portray contemporary Black Artists and Artists of Colour based in Austria and abroad, creating a platform which enables networking and exchange. The platform will also provide a space to present current projects and upcoming events.

In 2014 the project was initiated by Amoako Boafo and Sunanda Mesquita and was awarded with the kültüř gemma! scholarship of the city Vienna.

Performative Präsentation von kültüř gemma! & Posterpresentation der aktuellen Stipendiaten!

Samstag, 17. Januar, ab 18 Uhr im brut Konzerthaus.

Zwischen großem Gefängnis, Wienerlied-Baustelle, Schreibtisch und Pfusch. Eine performative Präsentation der Stipendiat_innen der 2. Ausschreibung.
Mit: Srdjan Knezevic, Ivana Marjanovic´, Jelena Poprzan, Yassine Zaitaar

Bei der Posterpräsentation der neuen Stipentiaten sind wir natürlich auch vertreten!


“The contemporary art ‘world’ is one of the last bastions of backwardness in the West today, which makes it an uneven playground, a formidable terrain of difficulty for artists whose backgrounds locate at the receiving end of intolerance.”
Olu Oguibe