Closing of WE DEY x SPACE

To endings and new beginnings, to letting it flow 🌊

after giving it a lot of thought we decided to close the chapter of WE DEY! Our lease ended and with the co- founders @amoakoboafo and @jayeyeye off to greener pastures and adventures, @decolonial_joy re-turning to Ayurvedic knowledge and QTI/BIPoC wellbeing we see this ending as a way to make space for new beginnings and projects! We are working on a publication that will bring together and highlight all the beautiful and powerful events, exhibitions, healing spaces and art workshops that took place since WE DEY’s birth in 2013. So there is still something to watch out for in this space 💜 We thank all of you who supported us all these years, who came to the events, who redistributed funds, who facilitated, exhibited, who danced, celebrated and held this precious space with us. We thank our xspace collective @nic_ink @fodzilla183 and our co-collaborators, official and inofficial collective members @shulames @fariscucu #estherabionaojo @bel.kamkaze @pedraxcosta @thesenses_vienna and all of you grew community with us for almost 10years! xoxo #bipocartspacevienna #qtibipoc #qtibipoccentered #bipoccentered #bipocartists #newbeginnings #bipoccommunityvienna

We would love to ask you to leave your thoughts, memories and messages here with us!!

WE DEY couldn`t have been without all of you!! We are working now on a publication to archive all the beautiful events, exhibitions, meetings, selfcare days, yoga sessions, pilates, dance and movement events and sooo many other amazing happenings!! We would love for you to be part of this archive.