Fellowship kültüřgemma!

Dear all!

we kindly invite Black artists and Artists of Color to apply for a fellowship at WE DEY x SPACE! The fellowship is offered by kültüř gemma! and will start on 1st July 2018, the grant covers 1300€ a month (income tax free) over a period of 6 months. During the fellowship you will get insight in the organisation of WE DEY and support ongoing exhibitions and events. At the end of the fellowship you will present your research/project idea at WE DEY x SPACE.

We invite artists, activists, art theorists, historians – who define themselves as Black people or People of Color – to propose a project that focuses on the artistic and activist herstories through “Tracing Queer/Trans*/Inter/Black People/People of Color resistance in Vienna”.

WE DEY has collected a lot of archive material over the past years – from audio & video
material, to newspapers, books, art works etc. We invite the fellow to re-organise and
expand our archive which is centered around art and knowledge production, activism and community work that made it possible for WE DEY to exist today. We understand archiving as a community building tool and we would like the fellow to invite the wider community to share their stories and document them, host round tables, kitchen table talks or film nights and create new materials.

Project dates and requirements
The 6-months fellowship will start beginning of July 2018 and the presentation of the project should be in December 2018 at WE DEY x SPACE. The fellow has to be based in Vienna.

What we have to offer
In collaboration with kültür gemma! WE DEY will support with online and printed publicity and logistical/technical support. We are happy to connect you to other BPoC Artists based in Vienna. We will offer you access to our WE DEY archive and a working space at WE DEY x SPACE.

How to apply

Your application should include the following in one PDF file (in English or German):
• CV/Artist’s statement describing your practice and areas of interest
(up to 250 words)
• A motivational letter that shortly outlines the applicant’s interest in collaborating with
WE DEY x SPACE and that touches on following questions:

1. Is your artistic practice focused around topics such as archiving, collectivity & commu
nity? Tell us more about it!
2. What interests you in a decolonial queer feminist approach to archiving and the histo
ry of BPoC resistance in Vienna?
3. What are your ideas of expanding and working with the WE DEY archive?
(up to 1200 words)

Deadline is: 7th of June 2018, 12pm.


Questions concerning kültüř gemma!
Contact person is Galia Baeva
E-mail: baeva@kueltuergemma.at

Questions concerning WE DEY x SPACE
E-mail: we.dey.in@gmail.com