“Stitching Stories” Workshop with Sophie Utikal

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During her solo show “Threads of Selves” at WE DEY x SPACE, Sophie Utikal will organize a workshop for creating a collective textile painting. Black People and People of Color are invited to come together to translate their feelings into symbolic imageries and to sew them together into one big piece of cloth. While stitching we will talk, relax and meditate on what it feels like to inhabit our bodies and how we navigate ourselves through our everyday life. Sophie will provide all material necessary. There will be drinks and snacks. The workshop is for free. All skills are welcome.

Please send us an email to register for the workshop: we.dey.in@gmail.com
Bring your BPoC friends ♥


WE DEY is proud to present the first solo show by Sophie Utikal. In her series “Threads of Selves” she transforms woven stories of her experiences and thoughts into stunning textile works. Her full body selfportraits aim to show a self confident, empowered woman of color healing herself from trauma. By tapping into generations of knowledge of textile storytelling she finds a way to release anxieties and fears while aiming to empower not only herself but other Women* of Color who share experiences of fighting back against white supremacy.

curated by Sunanda Mesquita (co-founder of WE DEY)

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(the artist will be present)
18.10- 6-9pm
19.10 6-9pm
25.10 5-7.30pm
26.10 6-9pm

WORKSHOP For BPoc’s only: “Stitching Stories”
22th of October: 2pm

29th October 6pm: doors open
6.30pm: presentation by Sophie Utikal

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Sophie Utikal (*1987 Tallahassee, Florida). Is now studying with Ashley Hans Scheirl, Gin Müller and Ruby Sircar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She likes to work collectively on issues related to her own experiences. Departing from her own body, she tries to translate her experiences into words and images introducing a new possible order to them. It is about the reconstruction of the self. What seemed lost? What is possible in the future?


Accessibility Infos:

X SPACE is accessible via a ramp. The ramp is 76 cm wide and the slope is 9 %. For more information please contact us!
The closest wheelchair accessible toilet is @ Café Oben, Urban-Loritz-Platz. It’s a five minutes distance.

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about WE DEY x space

WE DEY x space is dedicated to amplify the art and culture production for and by Queer/Trans*/Inter/Black People/People of Color

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