Activating Archives through Radical Methods workshop @ WE DEY x SPACE

On Wednesday WE DEY x SPACE opened its doors for the workshop “Activating Archives through Radical Methods” during the festival “Another Roadmap School- Intertwining Histories”.

The session united Evan Ifekoya & Raju Rage from Collective Creativity, Rangoato Hlasane, Patrick Mudekereza and Sunanda Mesquita from initiatives in London, Jo’burg, Lubumbashi and Vienna. We had a great time sharing different radical strategies of centering BPoC voices of the Present. Past. Future. from various geopolitical perspectives. We shared resources and toolkits, expanded each others archives and libraries. It was an exciting day full of new knowledge production and community building.


Thanks Raju Rage & Maja Renn for the nice pics ❤